Mood Disorders

Mood Disorders

I believe that true healing happens in stages. One of my gifts are helping individuals that are in the very first stage of healing. In this stage, individuals may not have a name for what is going on but they know that something is not right. My goal is to help individuals make sense of what’s going on in their mind and bodies, as well as, help them identify small real life strategies decrease the negative impact in their lives.


For individuals that suffer with depression it may be “I am sad…all the time.” “I can’t feel anything,” or “I don’t have an interest in the things I use to.”


For individuals that suffer with anxiety it may be “I worry all the time,” “I can’t sleep at night,” “I can’t stop my brain from moving,” or “I get easily overwhelmed.”

Bipolar Disorder:

For individuals that summer with Bi-polar Disorder is may look and feel like an emotional roller roaster. This week I feel like my life is meaningless and struggling with depression. 3 days later, I can’t sleep longer than 3 hours a night, but “I have so much energy.” I have an “insane amount of sexual energy,” and “I am going on a shopping spree with my rent money.”

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